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The ShoreTel Innovation Network continues to provide a unique way to introduce third-party solutions to ShoreTel’s growing group of reseller partners and end-users. Below are some of this month’s updates from our world.

New Validations

Ascom’s i62 WiFi solution replaces their i75 models and we have completed testing and documentation with these. The App Note is posted on the Ascom Innovation Network page along with the i75 and their IP-DECT solution (which is in process of being revalidated – stay tuned.)

Many of you know AVST as a voicemail solution that plays in the mid- to large-enterprise space. Well thanks to our team’s efforts, we have now been able to add them to the Innovation Network solution set. As always, please review the App Note on the AVST Innovation Network page for the integration details.

Updated Validations

To learn more about RSI’s solutions check out their Innovation Network Page

You can find their updated App Note on our partner site. And, if you are a ShoreTel reseller, don’t miss out on the @Comm INsights webinars next week to learn more about them.

INsights Webinars

The INsights webinar series is one where we provide the opportunity to our Innovation Network partners to present to ShoreTel’s resellers.

I mentioned above that @Comm will be presenting next week, GFI (Fax solution) will be presenting in the March edition of the series. For additional information on upcoming webinars visit the ShoreTel Partner site.

Previous presenters included: 911 Enable, bridgeSpeak, Phybridge, Ruckus and Syn-Apps.

As always – any questions? Give me a shout!

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