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Looking to put your e-rate to good use? Without an advanced business phone system in place, your education institution could be missing out on some critical benefits of these technological advances. Let’s take a look at some of them:

More Actionable Outcomes

An advanced business phone system enhances staff productivity when handling and routing calls by prioritizing them based on caller identity and history. Whether it’s during a time of high call volume—like on a snow day—or a simple parental request, school officials can rest assured that every call is being handled by the most qualified individual, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Enhanced Communication

Multiple communication features like video conferencing, call forwarding and instant messaging are always available to keep a networked staff connected. For example, if the principal isn’t in the office, calls can be forwarded to his or her mobile phone to make sure that every concern—whether it’s urgent or everyday—is efficiently addressed.

Conferencing and Collaboration

The conferencing and collaborative capabilities of an advanced business phone system enable classrooms to take virtual field trips with innovative audio and video technology. Additionally, mobility solutions support progressive bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives for enhancing the educational opportunities of high school and college students.

Enhanced Messaging

As soon as the secretary buzzes into a classroom, students’ attentions go out the window. With instant messaging, teachers and administration staff can discretely communicate through one, secure network to minimize classroom disruption and keep student productivity at its peak.

Learn more about what advanced communications solutions can do for your institution by clicking here.

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