Using Social Media for Customer Service: 5 Key Steps

    Social media tools are a terrific way to better connect with and market to potential customers, thanks to their incredible degree of interactivity and responsiveness. Of course, these same traits also make social media a great way to communicate with people once they have already become your patron - by employing such tools in the field of customer service. Here, Lauren Vargas gives us five important steps to incorporating social media into your customer service platform:

    1. Apply your current service strategy to social media

    2. Put human relationships back into your service

    3. Establish a knowledge base

    4. Set expectations

    5. Perform quality assurance

    Follow the link below to see why.

    5 Steps to Taking Customer Service Social

    The debate over who owns the customer still looms in the shadows of company hallways and conference rooms. There is no one right answer because every department, team and employee owns the customer and takes part in shaping a positive customer experience.

    Customer service is no longer an area to triage customer complaints. It’s about anticipating customer needs at the right time and place. Organizations must relearn how to interact with their community, shed some of the heavily automated barriers, and get back to the basics of customer service.

    via 5 Steps to Taking Customer Service Social. Posted by Lauren Vargas.

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