USO Helps Things Flow Better with ShoreTel UC

    Urologist Specialists of Oklahoma (USO) is a medical practice in Tulsa that understands the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and of earning patients’ trust by delivering premium care.

    USO was relying on a legacy Avaya Definity phone system to manage communications across its organization, including call center agents who orchestrate scheduling of appointments, routing of calls, and other important daily phone interactions.

    To resolve the hold issues and create a simpler way to manage call communications, the urology practice wanted to find a best-fit phone solution that was entirely Voice over IP-based. It replaced the incumbent phone system with a ShoreTel UC Solution comprising ShoreTel Communicator with SoftPhones, ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center, and 140 ShoreTel IP Phones.

    The ShoreTel solution was implemented across the center’s two main locations, and is part of a highly interoperable configuration that also includes Polycom and HP.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduction in call hold times, from 3 minutes to 25 seconds
    • Communicator with Softphone enables easier call routing and management for greater productivity and customer satisfaction.
    • Callers can reach intended people or extensions faster using the ShoreTel system.
    • The ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center enables accurate call tracking and generates reports for better issue resolution.
    • Ease of administration allows IT to configure and manage moves/adds/changes and to spend less time and money on phone maintenance.

    “ShoreTel has the best reputation for successful implementations at companies our size, and it is entirely Voice over IP. We looked at analyst reports, and Gartner recommends ShoreTel, plus the ShoreTel demos showed the greatest ease-of-use capabilities to get us going quickly.”

    - Patrick Bruce, IT Director, USO



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