Utility companies feel need for hosted call centers as well


    Many different types of businesses and organizations are making the move to cloud VoIP and contact centers, including utility companies. Veolia Water, a water and waste management firm in the U.K., recently implemented a hosted PBX system and is looking into IP telephony as well.


    The company, which handles over one million calls every year, according to PC Advisor, is aiming for a more efficient way to collect and manage customer and agent data, as well as help improve support by automatically routing a caller to the agent best qualified to assist with their specific problem.



    With this new system, Veolia call center agents will be able to increase the speed with which calls are handled and resolved, as well as improve flexibility and response time. A cloud phone system will also remove downtime caused by network problems and allow employees to connect through a number of devices, not just an office phone or computer. Allowing agents to answer calls on a mobile device or laptop as well improves service by allowing customers to call at any time, even if there is an internal problem, such as a power outage.



    Previously, in 2005, Veolia implemented an IP PBX solution, improving call volume capacity. As the company takes such a large number of calls every day, before if the call queue was full clients would get a busy tone or have their call dropped. The upgraded system has resulted in an almost 5 percent decrease in lost calls, according to the news source.



    "We found the original telecommunications infrastructure increasingly restrictive, simply because technology had moved on," said David Gray, resource and planning analyst at Veolia. "Effectively, I was the cloud, having to physically monitor, distribute and diverts calls myself to various workgroups. The time had come to consider automation as a more proactive means to deliver an enhanced customer experience."



    Cloud-based VoIP service can help call centers in any county improve client relations and support. In addition to increasing queue capacity and customer satisfaction through intelligent call routing, the cloud can also increase agent productivity. Agents can reduce their call time and answer more calls in a day because the system works more smoothly and is more flexible. The combination of increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction bring a more quantifiable benefit as well - higher revenue.





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