Most business realize the value of Mitel Software Assurance and having the peace of mind that you can receive software updates and technical support and ensure that if you ever need help, it’s just a phone call away.  Perhaps you’ve considered Premium Software Assurance and wondered, “Is it really worth the extra money?” 

Premium Software Assurance packs a lot more value, for the small incremental cost, and ensures that your Mitel communications solution delivers years of optimal performance. Premium Software Assurance includes all the benefits included in the Standard subscription plus 24x7 technical support and case management from Mitel experts, access to online training, and most importantly Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) – an invaluable software tool that proactively monitors and analyzes your network in real-time to maintain optimal performance.

Make sure you have the right coverage to protect your business


If your business operates 24/7, and your communications system is mission critical to your business operation, Premium Software Assurance is the only way to go. If you have a contact center or use your network to generate revenue though online transactions, or are in an industry like healthcare, finance, transportation where even a minute of downtime can be catastrophic, Premium Software Assurance is your first and only choice to deliver optimal excellence.

Proactive monitoring of your communications network

Mitel Performance Analytics can help prevent problems before they occur and lets you troubleshoot problems quickly. Many IT administrators say that the investment in network monitoring begins to pay off immediately. They begin to proactively see and resolve issues that were previously only reported by users calling in.


Always protect your communication network and maintain business continuity
When weighing the considerations of which Software Assurance subscription lever to choose, consider the costs or implications for not having it in place. Your communications system is at the heart of your IT landscape. Every day, your employees are interacting with prospects, customers and partners, conducting live video conferencing, voice calls, streaming video and massive uploads and downloads from the internet. And for most businesses, the network is vital to generate revenue though online transactions.

Without Premium Software Assurance, you put your business at considerable risk. You could face the potential costs of lower employee productivity, the cost of lost opportunities, security and compliance sanctions or fines. Or you could face customer dissatisfaction and complaints as well as brand damage. All of these could result from fault or possibly even an outage or disruption in your network or communications infrastructure.

Downtime and outages can be very costly to your customers business
Any problem or disruption in your network or communications infrastructure can have a dramatic or catastrophic effect on their business and revenue stream. You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company to lose millions due to an unexpected outage or downtime.

If you search the Internet, you will get numerous statistics on what the cost of downtime could be for a given business, based on its size or other criteria. But have you ever wondered what it could cost your business? The following Infographic that lets you calculate what just one minute of downtime can cost your business!

Click here to access the Infographic

For most businesses, this exercise is a real eye-opener. Many had not envisaged that just one minute could be so costly, not considering nontangible costs like employee productivity and morale, customer dissatisfaction and brand damage.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of just how much of an impact downtime or an outage could have on your business, compare that with the cost of Premium Software Assurance and you will realize the small upfront cost is well worth it.

Mitel Software Assurance – Renew Today!

Does your Mitel Software Assurance subscription need to be renewed? Contact your Mitel Partner today. And be sure to ask about Premium Software Assurance, with its proactive performance monitoring service, with real-time alerting to identify voice and network quality concerns before business affecting outages arise.

And if you want to uplift your current Standard Software Assurance to Premium, your Mitel Partner can help you with that as well.

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