The values of UC in customer relations

    Unified communications (UC) strives to unite different forms of communication so that employees can connect with each other and customers with ease. The quest to unify communications can provide cost savings through the use of instant messaging and business VoIP. With careful implementation, UC solutions are proving useful all over the world.

    UC is not just about money

    According to CIO, implementing a UC strategy is not just about saving money; it's also about ensuring positive customer relationships are in bloom at a company. If communications systems are in place across the board in a large company, customer service and sales teams are likely to be more successful.


    In an effort to make his business more cost efficient, Richard Buss, vice president of EMSL Analytical, turned to UC. Buss didn't simply implement UC systems; he also found out that his company sounded extremely disjointed to its customers, reported CIO. The company's customers faced call transfers and unanswered voicemails."That experience wasn't what our customers were looking for," Buss told CIO.


    Buss implemented a number of UC strategies with his company's IT department and is now enjoying an increase in sales. He told the news source that not only is the company gaining new customers, but old customers are coming back after time away. Although some of the sales staff resisted because of the ability for IT and other executives to directly see whether or not they answer calls, the new system has allowed EMSL Analytical to find out what customers want.


    Implement session management

    For UC initiatives to be successful, it's helpful to implement session management, according to TechTarget. Sessions include intercommunications, remote procedure calls, user context, synchronization and more, reported the news source.


    UC can use these features to assess a given session and provide a center of control, as well as much more functionality than UC on its own.


    UC in South Asia

    UC solutions are not only being implemented in the United States. They're also finding a home in India, where citizens are becoming more and more aware of technology trends, reported the Times of India.


    "Most enterprises have transitioned from legacy to pure IP-based communication systems. Real-time and multi-modal communications have facilitated adoption of various on-premise applications, and we now see the movement in adoption of cloud-based UC solutions," said Parminder Saini, industry manager at Frost & Sullivan, South Asia and Middle East.


    The news source reported that Indian banks, retailers and government organizations are turning to UC solutions.