Vendors can help customers simplify transition to the cloud

    The easiest way for a business to overcome its apprehension about switching to the cloud is to ask the vendor for help. According to MSPNews, cloud-service providers will do most of the hard work for a company interested in deploying cloud solutions, removing the stress of the technological jump.

    Cloud phone systems and VoIP are just a few of the solutions that businesses can adopt to improve their cost-efficiency and flexibility, according to the news source. By switching to the cloud, an organization can offer more employee telework options, as a company call center can be entirely hosted remotely, or IT professionals can work from home.

    Companies need to decide on a number of options if they are going to adopt cloud-based solutions. There are public and private models, as well as hybrid options, and providers offer different ways to manage their systems.

    Cloud telephony solutions, for example, give companies the option to get rid of legacy hardware systems and save significant parts of their communications budgets. According to ThomasNet, cloud communications systems can also handle a much larger volume of calls, allowing employees to improve efficiency and take on greater workloads.

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