“In this economy, no one can afford to take a chance on big complicated systems, even from brand name vendors. We wanted a complete, straightforward, easy-to-use reliable solution, and ShoreTel demonstrated how it was possible—brilliantly simple became very evident.”
- Allen Behnke, Director of Safety, Security and Telecom, Green Bay Area Public School District

Green Bay Area Public School District educates more than 21,000 students each year. There are four high schools, four middle schools, 27 elementary schools, plus a district office and auxiliary services buildings throughout the 92 square miles comprising one of the largest school districts in Wisconsin.

In tight economic times, every dollar must be put to its best use. With an antiquated voicemail system and burgeoning communications requirements for 40 locations, the Green Bay Area Public School District needed to take a comprehensive look at the districts telecommunications system rather than doing piece meal repairs and replacements.

Their old phone system was a combination of nearly a thousand end-of-support Comdial phones and an old Mitel voicemail application running on Centrex PBX services lines. The feature set was limited, no longer able to adapt to modern communications requirements of a growing school system. In addition, replacement parts were no longer available, service was limited and reliability was a growing concern.

Green Bay selected a ShoreTel UC Solution for intuitive, secure and brilliantly simple collaboration across its school district. Their solution comprises: more than 2,800 ShoreTel IP Phones (models 230g and 115), ShoreTel Voice Switches (models 220T1A, 90, 50), ShoreTel Communicator with Professional and Operator Access, ShoreTel Converged Conferencing Bridge, and ShoreTel Emergency Notification Application. Benefits include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership while providing superior communication service and collaborative capabilities, by reducing administrative, training and support costs.
  • Reduced the number of phone lines by 80 percent and trimmed monthly service costs by 70 percent, while improving communications and security across 40 locations.


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