Video call use increases, according to survey

    Video conferencing has been making an impact on the way Americans communicate. According to a recent survey of approximately 2,000 adults, conducted by Harris Interactive for Avaya, 40 percent of respondents said they have used video calling or participated in a video conference.

    The survey shows that 21 percent of respondents have used video calling in a business environment to interact with a customer or conduct a client meeting, while 16 percent used video calling for a job interview or to fire an employee.


    The survey also demonstrates the evolving etiquette of video calls. Women are more likely than men to dress in business attire for a video conference, while some adults would not consider a bathroom or a swimming pool off-limits to conduct a conference call.


    A networking company's recent survey reaffirms Americans' increasing interest in video calls. The survey predicts that in three years, one million video minutes will travel through the internet every second.


    Whether used for business or personal use, video calling is evolving the way people communicate. The benefits offered by the use of video conferencing reflect its rapid adoption.