Video conferencing a popular alternative to phone calls

    The use of web conferencing to host meetings is gaining traction among businesses, according to a recent Frost & Sullivan market research report.

    The study showed that the web conferencing market generated $1.5 billion in revenue in 2010, and is expected to make $3 billion by 2015, No Jitter's Melanie Turek reported.


    Sixty-eight percent of respondents are aware of web conferencing and its possibilities. However, only 41 percent of those actually use the tool within their company, reported Turek. Most business owners that utilize web conferencing prefer to apply it to sales, marketing or training purposes. Employees also frequently use other forms of communication to relay information, like text messaging, as opposed to web conferencing, said Turek.


    Online meetings offer multiple benefits, including improved productivity, enhanced communications and reduced travel costs. It also allows for real time conversations and provides the caller with nonverbal clues that might not be picked up through a phone call, reported Marcia Pledger for Cleveland Live. Experts agree that BYOD and cloud computing have also spearheaded the growth of video conferencing, as they allow people to stay connected through any device.


    This collaboration tool offers employees and business partners the opportunity to dial-in through multiple channels, including VoIP and traditional phone systems. As organizations rely more on cloud-based systems to host programs, they should learn to leverage online meetings to improve productivity.



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