Videoconferencing offers major sustainability gains

    In a world where many businesses are considering green initiatives for reasons ranging from actually helping the environment to reducing costs and gaining marketing leverage, developing sustainable operations in the enterprise is becoming critical.

    According to a recent Developing Telecoms report, unified communications solutions that feature videoconferencing technologies are one solution that businesses can use to make a cultural and operational shift to green operations.

    The news source explained that videoconferencing technology can setup virtual meeting environments that cut down on travel costs while encouraging sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

    This is largely possible because videoconferencing enables virtual meetings in which participants are still able to interact through facial expression and body language, allowing them to effectively communicate despite the distance between them.

    In many instances, videconferencing is a facet of a sophisticated unified communications program. This collaboration technology allows businesses to integrate voice, video, messaging and data services into a single entity that can be deployed on a diverse range of devices connected to the enterprise network. Such flexibility not only support more sophisticated communication, but makes workers more productive by giving them more efficient channels for collaboration.

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