Virtualized IP Phone Systems Help Companies Improve TCO

    Unified communications (UC) extends employees’ ability to collaborate beyond the traditional extension-to-extension dialing: employees can now communicate using instant messaging, exchange information in live audio and web conferences, meet using video sessions, make and receive phone calls from any device, etc. While enabling new methods of collaboration among employees, UC can be a challenge to deploy and maintain as each of the applications often requires a dedicated server.

    Virtualization technology not only allows companies to decrease the required hardware by running multiple applications on a single hardware host, but also enables higher availability of applications using disaster recovery tools.

    Many companies deploy virtualized UC solutions via private clouds, which allow them to consolidate on-site servers to conserve costs, space and maintenance while further increasing security using back-up virtual servers.

    This centralized deployment model is a great solution for companies with very reliable WAN links in every office location. But what about new locations, where WAN links are not available yet? Or international locations, where price and reliability are prohibitive for some of the businesses? Or companies that require a local PSTN access?

    Traditionally, the solution to these scenarios has been to deploy a local standalone system, which of course needs to be deployed and maintained.

    ShoreTel delivers greater flexibility for customers, with the ability to mix and match hardware-based and virtual appliances in a single network, all managed using a single web-based management interface. With ShoreTel virtualization, customers can select the UC deployment model that best suits their business and infrastructure needs – virtual, physical or any combination of both. The benefits are immediate – reduced hardware and operational complexity, higher application availability, increased scalability and reliability. ShoreTel virtualization is currently available from qualified ShoreTel reseller partners.

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