The Voice from the ‘Cloud’

    Written by Anthony L. Butler

    A recent post on the TelecomGurus site, Is VoIP Reliable?, posed a question best answered with the cold hard facts. Yes, VoIP is reliable, but why?

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has turned an important corner. When done right, it is MORE reliable than traditional copper POTs lines.

    How? Built in redundancy and private networks.

    Most companies don’t currently have disaster recovery plans for their phone service. With hosted VoIP, disaster recovery is an integral part of the service.

    The optimal delivery of business class VoIP is from an outsourced provider running a private network with multiple gateways to both the PSTN and the Internet. Diverging, redundant technologies can be set up to deliver service. The most points of failure for both POTs and VoIP are in the last mile of the local loop. By allowing traffic by either a T-1 circuit or an internet circuit, there is a greater chance that disrupting one will not disrupt the other because of different entrance points.

    If the main T-1 goes down, calls can be re-directed via a GRE tunnel through the open internet until the T-1 can be repaired. An internet connection goes down and both voice and data can be re-routed to a back up circuit. Multiple secured COLO sites protect traffic on the top end.

    Since the voice traffic is delivered through private lines, none of the normal problems that were associated with VoIP apply—jitter, static, dropped calls, etc. Users enjoy perfect call quality, advanced features and functionality that creates new peace of mind.

    Two major case studies for corporate disaster recovery plans were 9-11 and the black out that swept the north east. In both cases, hosted VoIP clients fared far better than their competitors because at the very worst their clients got voice mail. Best case calls were forwarded to locations outside of the effected areas and clients stayed in business.

    In short hosted VoIP has matured into the most reliable phone service available on the market today and will only get better as circuit technology improves.

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