Voice conferencing grows in popularity, requires more attention

    Video conferencing is becoming more common, according to MarketWatch, and it is important for both businesses and professionals to prepare for this change. Consumer technology is supporting video chat with growing success, so businesses need to adopt a strategy for video conferencing as well, or risk falling behind the technological curve.

    According to ITPro Portal, the iPad and iPhone support new unified communications tools that include video. As the most popular smartphone and tablet options, this means that more and more consumers have the ability to video chat, or better yet, use their personal devices to get face-to-face time with colleagues at their job as well. Because of this, businesses need to ensure that their own UC systems provide for this trend. High quality UC products often do, or allow for the integration of a video communication solution.


    The new iPad offers even more advances for real-time video chat as well. With the new HD camera and Retina display, users can see more vividly than ever before. This allows not only for improved visuals, but sharing of other resources, like presentations. For example, one professional can connect with another through video chat, then play a presentation for him or her while discussing it and making on-the-spot changes.


    "Video will change over time. Most people think of it as face-to-face, said Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research. "While this is interesting, it doesn't take into account that video will be next-generation content. Today content means documents like PowerPoint and Word files. Tomorrow more content will be video. So video is more than just my tiny face looking at another tiny face on a screen while we share a PowerPoint."


    The improved display and video capture power of the new iPad means that users will have to be more aware of their surroundings and appearance as well. According to MarketWatch, being prepared to be on camera is just as important as having the technology to support video chat. Professionals will want to maintain a neat appearance, even at home. Keeping a clean office and business-like appearance, as well as minimizing background noise and conducting video conferences from a neat, organized environment can make all the difference in a company video conference for those that work from home.



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