Voicemail jail a frequent, but solvable, caller complaint

    One frequent issue consumers have with reaching a voicemail account on a business phone system is "voicemail jail," or the inability to get out of a voice mailbox and reach another live person. According to UC Strategies, this issue not only affects callers, but the end-user, such as contact center agents, as well. Many professionals would prefer a system that allows them to prioritize messages, making it easier to navigate between messages and consolidate mailboxes.

    There are two solutions that can help overcome these issues for both both callers and recipients: VoIP PBX systems and unified communications.


    According to the news source, unified communications solutions include a variety of contact methods, including email, telephony and instant messaging. These communication methods all integrate into a single resource for the end-user. This gives the professional the unified messaging option, the ability to consolidate message management into a more flexible alternative to "voicemail jail."


    Additionally, UC systems can support an employee's mobile devices as well, increasing that person's availability to callers, reducing the number of calls that reach a voice mailbox in the first place. And with the increasing use of smartphones, social media, live chat and self{-}support methods of acquiring assistance, many consumers can resolve any service needs more efficiently.


    Voice over IP systems can also provide a solution to the "voicemail jail" dilemma. According to the news source, a hosted phone system is more cost effective than legacy systems and is easy to integrate into current business processes for most companies. Additionally, these solutions can give callers multiple end-points when trying to contact a call center. Rather than force a call to voicemail, it can be rerouted to an agent's personal smartphone or offer a different option for communication though UC.


    Ultimately, with expanding technology, there is no reason for business phone systems to lock a caller into "voicemail jail." By implementing one of these advanced services, the company can decrease its budget and increase revenue through improved customer satisfaction and sales. Cloud solutions can increase these benefits even more, decreasing other costs like maintenance and providing a more worry-free IT environment.



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