VoIP—It’s Not for Everybody

    If you’re considering a new phone system for your business, you may think that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the only way to go, considering all the attention it’s getting these days. But it’s not the right choice for every business. Here are some of the alternatives.

    Traditional systems use landlines and trunks to transmit voice using analog or digital devices, which make them highly reliable (even during power outages and network interruptions). Though they can be expensive to install, most businesses already have a legacy system in place, which makes it relatively inexpensive to get up and running.

    Best for businesses that:

    • Don’t expect significant growth—adding lines down the road can be costly.
    • Make mostly local calls; long distance and international calls can get pricey on a traditional system.
    • Cannot experience shut down due to power outages or other network interruptions, like utility companies.
    • Don’t have optimal Internet performance to support VoIP, which can experience call drops and poor call quality without it.

    Hybrid systems combine the benefits of traditional and VoIP systems, allowing you to use traditional phone lines for local calls and VoIP for long distance and international calls, plus other features. A solutions engineer can help you design and implement a hybrid system to work for your business’ needs.

    Best for businesses that:

    • Require the reliability of traditional lines with the technology and features of VoIP.
    • Expect to make a significant number of long distance or international calls.
    • Have multiple offices or employees who work remotely—calls can be routed to mobile devices or remote computers easily with VoIP.
    • Have existing VoIP system and want to be able to use it for making calls.
    • Have an optimal Internet connection to support VoIP.
    • May require video conferencing capabilities.

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