VoIP, cloud PBX offer businesses advanced telecom capabilities

    Voice over IP and cloud PBX systems are both emerging as ideal business phone system services, but each offers unique benefits to businesses and should be treated somewhat differently during deployment, Caribbean Media Live reported.

    According to the news source, business VoIP services offer flexibility and cost-efficiency as their primary benefits. Essentially, these services allow organizations to remove traditional telephony hardware, which uses PBX infrastructure combined with phone lines to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network, with a voice transit system that works on the same network as the data systems used to access to the internet.

    This type of connectivity delivers a few critical benefits for businesses. The first is that it negates long-distance calling charges because the internet is used to transmit voice traffic, not public lines that charge differently based on geographical location. This not only helps companies that work with many partners in distant locations, it is also integral for organizations with many branch offices or remote workers that need to be kept in the communications loop. VoIP also offers improved flexibility because it can enable voice services anywhere the network reaches, including mobile devices and other platforms based outside of the office, according to the report.

    Cloud PBX is a little different from VoIP, even though it is still dependent on the internet. The distinction comes in that business telephone services are delivered through the internet by a vendor who handles the telephony infrastructure. This gives clients access to complete phone services, not simply voice, making it a higher-performing option when compared to basic VoIP services. It also offers the same amount of flexibility because the technological platform is still delivered through the internet, the report said.

    The cost-saving capabilities offered by cloud PBX and hosted VoIP services make the solutions ideal for startup businesses. According to a recent StartUp Smart report, many young businesses struggle to handle telecom options because they cannot afford the capital costs associated with traditional business phone services. However, they still depend on high-quality telephony options. Hosted solutions are ideal in such environments because they dramatically reduce the hardware investments necessary to support traditional telephony services. In many cases, such solutions also reduce operating expenses for startups and major corporations alike.