VoIP DECT: The Mobile, Flexible and Cost-effective SMB Solution

You’re waiting for an important call, but you’ve got to leave your desk for the morning staff meeting. Or maybe your admin is in the copy room and you hear the outside line ring and ring. Or maybe you’re in the back room looking at inventory and neither you or your sales associate can get to the phone.

If you’re a small- or medium-business owner, these scenarios are all too familiar — and even painful. Voicemail is okay, but it’s not how you really want to hear from your customers and clients. A lost call can result in a lost sale.

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One increasingly popular way to handle these situations is to fall back on personal cell phones. But then you get into a tangle of phone numbers that can be confusing for the customer — “Call me on this number at 10 a.m., but I’ll be back at my desk after 1 p.m., so then you can reach me at the office number,” etc. 

What if you could get the best of all possible worlds? You can have it all with a voice-centric mobile solution. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones, like those offered with MiCloud Connect, are a good choice because they work on their own spectrum, providing superior voice performance. The cordless handset gives you the mobility you need to move around your building without missing a single call – at a competitive price that fits your budget.


A small company needs flexibility, maybe even more than a large corporation. But your resources are stretched thin and you’re juggling a lot of balls. Your employees need to be reachable by a customer or colleague from any location in the office or on the property.

VoIP DECT phones provide an on-site wireless communications solution. Using a DECT mobile handset or headset, your staff can transfer calls, set up conference calls, access the company directory and more.

Imagine DECT phones in a school environment. With one-touch speed dial teachers, administrative staff and facility employees can communicate easily and quickly no matter where they are in the building. And because VoIP DECT phones use encrypted technology, you can feel confident that conversations are secure.

In the hospitality industry, it’s not only staff that needs mobility for reception, facilities and sales. With in-room DECT phones, your guests aren’t tethered to a desk, either. Give them the mobility they’ve come to expect whether they’re at home or on the road.

Your sales associates need to move around the building too, maybe to check something in the storeroom or conference a colleague in on a customer call. With VoIP DECT, they can take a phone or headset with them without losing the call.

High-quality, secure sound

Cell phones are great, but you can’t depend on them for a clear connection. With DECT mobile phones you get high-quality sound with no crackling or drop-offs. Both handsets and headsets include an ambient noise filter, too – essential for when you’re calling from a loud environment.

Keep in mind that the DECT phone you choose should also use encrypted wideband voice technology. This extra layer of security ensures you keep client conversations safe and confidential.

Ease of use and installation

If the thought of introducing new technology to your staff makes you cringe, you’re not alone. You’re probably thinking about the inevitable learning curve whenever you change systems. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t, eh? 

Fear not. VoIP DECT phones are intuitive with user-friendly features, applications and softkey prompts that will enable your folks to manage calls with little or no training.

And installation is a breeze, too. The system is configurable via a web-based interface. A base station can support up to 20 cordless phones. The unit fits in a small enclosure that can be mounted on a wall or placed on or under a desk. What’s more, you can expand the system by deploying additional base stations and add more lines without more cabling.

Although the phone’s range from the base station is a whopping 150 feet (50 meters), if you need a little more room you can simply add a repeater in another part of the building to boost the signal.

All the functions you need

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t have all the bells and whistles the big guys get. For example, using VoIP DECT phones with a cloud communications solution like MiCloud Connect, your staff can access a company directory, transfer and forward calls, use call waiting and hold functions and conduct conference calls.

When choosing a VoIP DECT phone, ease of use should be a priority. Look for features such as a color, backlit handset, intuitive menus and navigation, and a speakerphone option. A long-lasting battery should be a requirement, so you don’t have to worry about recharging mid-day.

Small company, big player

For your small business to sound like a big player, you and your employees must have the flexibility to roam your office and still be contactable. A VoIP DECT phone not only meets your on-site mobility needs, but also enables reliable, professional communications. You may be a small company today, but your customers will think you’re the big company you’re going to be tomorrow.

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