VoIP in emergency contact center can speed response

    A growing number of 911 call centers are investing in voice over IP technologies in an effort to improve disaster recovery while reducing operating costs and enabling better services for the public, Government Technology reported.

    According to the news source, the capabilities of VoIP for public safety answering points are clearly visible in the efforts of the PSAP that serves St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

    During the last summer, the PSAP faced a major operational hurdle when a construction crew accidentally cut through a fiber-optic cable that was supporting VoIP traffic. Normally, this type of unplanned disaster would take a long time to recover from and create a major risk, as emergency contact center services would be unavailable during that time, the report said.

    However, the PSAP's VoIP solution allowed the contact center to simply reroute calls a neighboring center and resume availability in just half an hour, PSAP manager lieutenant Lori Dreier told the news source.

    Businesses can similarly benefit from VoIP's capabilities when it comes to disaster recovery, as calls can simply be rerouted during a disaster, allowing customer service capabilities to resume and saving the organizations from reputation-related damages.

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