VoIP helps companies reduce monthly telecom bills

    Given the current economic outlook, many businesses may be struggling to perform and keep up with competitors with limited resources. Companies looking for ways to reduce overall telecommunications spending should consider investing in a VoIP service, according to Mitchell Barker, CEO of a leading communications company.

    Barker asserted that VoIP technology can help organizations lower monthly telecom spending by 40 percent to 70 percent. The solution also offers many other advantages.


    "The technology allows users to make discounted local, long distance, mobile and even international calls for as little as a few cents per call, translating into thousands … in savings per year," Barker explained. "And when the cost of a VoIP solution over its entire lifetime is compared to that of a traditional telephony system, it is also far more cost-effective to maintain and expand."


    The mobile VoIP market, in particular, is poised for positive growth in 2012. Independent media firm Visiongain recently announced that mobile VoIP vendors are expected to generate $2.5 billion of revenue this year. Visiongain asserted that the technology currently has no competition, and continued adoption rates will be shaped by service provider strategies.



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