ShoreTel Mobility 4.7 is now generally available. And we’ve added support for BlackBerry OS 7.

I am excited that BlackBerry users who have OS 7.0/7.1 devices (like myself), on CDMA networks (Verizon, Sprint), can now extend coverage and slash costs with the new VoIP over Wi-Fi and VoIP over 3G/4G calling capability.

This is a significant development for our customers because prior to the RIM BlackBerry OS 7 platform, VoIP calling was only possible on GSM network-based BlackBerry smartphones and not the CDMA network-based devices. Given that the CDMA BlackBerry market share in North America makes up half of all of the BlackBerry smartphones, we are excited that RIM has opened up the API's for us to deliver enterprise grade VoIP across all networks.

The new BlackBerry OS 7/7.1 devices introduced in this release are:

GSM-based devices

  • Bold 9900
  • Bold 9790
  • Torch 9810
  • Torch 9860
  • Curve 9360

CDMA-based devices

  • Bold 9930
  • Torch 9850

If you have an older CDMA BlackBerry smartphone that isn't OS 7-based, head on over to the BlackBerry website and check out the promotion they have – to help with the cost of trading up your device to one running the latest OS 7 platform, which will then be able to deliver the cost savings of VoIP over Wi-Fi/3G/4G with ShoreTel Mobility.

In addition to the BlackBerry OS 7 support (5 new GSM-based devices, 2 new CDMA-based devices), the ShoreTel Mobility 4.7 release also delivers two new Android handsets (Galaxy S2 SGH-i727, HTC Sensation).

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Christian Gilby

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