VoIP Key To Contact Centers, But Digital Security Crucial

    VoIP service has provided businesses with some amazing advantages. There are countless organizations that have implemented technologies like VoIP with great success, namely in the contact center. Because of the technology's digital nature, VoIP is cheaper and easier to scale than the landline-powered legacy circuits that are becoming increasingly outdated. Not only that, but there exists a plethora of service options that allow for completely customized business phone systems.

    Applications can be integrated into voice calls, allowing for customer service representatives to use relevant data - not to mention other telecom platforms - in real time as a means to improve service. The ultimate goal of every call center should be to solve queries in as efficient and prompt of a manner as possible, ideally upon initial contact and through whatever medium is preferred by the customer.

    While call center software is generally geared toward improving the experience of the client base, deploying it into the cloud can also have a positive effect on those involved on the organization's end. Virtual call centers are easily facilitated through an application-based environment and allow staff members to work from wherever they will be the most productive. But more than just allow employees the freedom to operate outside of the confines of a physical office, it gives them the opportunity to in the event of an emergency.

    Disaster can strike at any moment, occasionally closing workplaces and causing expensive downtime. This can be easily circumvented with a cloud based phone system and a workforce that is able and willing to complete their tasks from home. This is the kind of mobility that is defining the modern workforce. Most potential hires are not only well-versed in how to use smartphones and tablets to their advantage, but they are expecting to be supplied with the resources to do so by their employers.

    The Definition Of Proper Protection Is Changing

    But because networks are based on an IP channel, there are inherently more security risks than the copper connections of yesterday. While it can be effectively defended, voice is now susceptible to the same kinds of malicious attacks that were once reserved for email and other online services. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, there have been at least 981 data breaches related to hacking since 2005. While that might not seem like a staggering amount to some, consider that it left over 405 million records compromised, including files from the health, banking, government and educational sectors.

    This gets even more complicated when considering that physical loss can also threaten a company's integrity. The PRC also indicated that an additional 1,032 breaches occurred thanks to a lost mobile device and over 172 million records were jeopardized and potentially exposed by a misplaced smartphone or tablet.

    Digital Security Essential In VoIP Contact Centers

    But these instances should not serve as a basis for passing over on VoIP in the contact center. Rather, they should be lessons in how to harness potential while mitigating risk. Lost machines, for example, can be outfitted with the ability to be wiped remotely. This means that even if - or when - a mobile device is misplaced or stolen, a prompt report of the incident will allow apps and data to be removed before they can be used against the company that they were designed to help.

    This is most commonly accomplished by seeking out a hosted phone system solution. Managed VoIP takes much of the hassle and headache out of maintaining voice infrastructures, allowing the in-house IT department more time to figure out new ways in which it can be used while worrying less about the general upkeep of hardware. Bringing in a trained team of professionals means that there is a dedicated staff specifically tending to the security needs of the systems in question.

    According to TMCnet contributor Mae Kowalke, the digital protection of VoIP is a "vital concern." Safeguards must be put in place to prevent the spread and impact of breaches. The modern climate of cyberspace is one that dictates malicious hacking as an inevitability. With an increasing amount of communication occurring over then Internet rather than through more longstanding methods, the right precautions have to be taken in order to enjoy the fruits of the 21st century.

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