VoIP market expected to grow by 64 percent

    Analysts from TechNavio anticipate that the global VoIP service market will grow by 64 percent from 2011 to 2015, largely as a result of increasing global network and wireless capabilities. Communications is one of the number one demands in any country, for consumer or business use, so it follows that improving telecom services, such as investing in VoIP PBX, would be a top priority.

    Mobile VoIP and business phone systems will be more frequently adopted, according to the report, as these services have low investment costs for quality. These low costs will grant businesses and other organizations, not only in the United States and Europe, but in developing countries as well, easier access to IP telephony services, as well as unified communications.


    Additionally, new players in the VoIP market are starting up, driving prices lower and increasing competition, giving businesses more chances to find the best solution for a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.


    VoIP service provides high quality voice over IP options for businesses, as well as improved features that were exclusive to costly legacy systems, allowing companies to invest in office and contact center tools previously only available to larger businesses.



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