VoIP PBX adoption steadily increasing, but not always as a primary tool

    While many businesses are increasing voice over IP adoption, not all are implementing it as their primary communications tool. According to ihotdesk, by deploying VoIP service as a backup line to analog telephones, a business is actually missing out on many of the benefits that IP telephony offers.

    Trefor Davies, a council member of the Internet Telephony Service Providers' Association in the U.K., told the news source that VoIP should not remain a secondary thought in business communications for long.


    "This is changing very quickly in the business world," Davies said. "VoIP is there in the background for many primary line services, but sometimes not until you hit the exchange and it is therefore invisible to end users."


    As more businesses adopt hosted PBX solutions, the benefits should become more obvious. Cost savings, employee productivity and quality of service will all increase with a properly deployed hosted phone system, and according to Davies, increasing adoption is a good sign that more businesses are beginning to recognize this.