VoIP service can allow for use of one number across multiple devices

    Voice over IP solutions provide a cost effective way to reduce telephone expenses. These systems can also provide a way for companies to link VoIP business phone systems with other devices used for communication, such as smartphones, personal computers and tablets. This is especially useful for professionals who move between buildings or frequently work from home.

    Being able to route a call from the office phone system to an employee's personal iPhone is useful in a number of ways. It allows for more freedom and mobility, and encourages the popular bring-your-own-device trend. However, implementing multiple numbers for different endpoints to reach one person can be confusing for clients and coworkers alike.


    Another solution is to have a contact number connect to multiple lines, or forward calls from the office phone to a personal device. This allows callers to connect to the recipient regardless of his or her location or availability, and removes the potential for confusion while still letting employees use multiple devices for work-related communication.



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