VoIP service saves money, but is also more secure

    Online phone service is growing in popularity for businesses for many reasons. Some companies adopt VoIP for reliability, others for improved quality for some combination of benefits. Almost all businesses choose IP-based solutions for cost savings.

    According to PCWorld, the savings that VoIP service provides is not the only benefit . Increased security can be a major factor for many businesses to consider.


    By implementing VoIP through virtual private networks, a company can increase the security of the system, while still gaining all of the other benefits, like reliability, call forwarding and other helpful phone system improvements. Additionally, by choosing a hosted VoIP solution, a company does not have to worry about maintaining the system itself, convenient for smaller businesses with few, or even no, IT professionals.


    The most expensive part of a phone bill is the minutes used, according to the news source, and VoIP can remove that expense, passing voice through broadband along with data, combining these costs and ultimately the savings.



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