VoIP services popular, catering to factories

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows individuals to make personal and professional phone calls over the internet. Business VoIP is becoming more popular{,} as enterprises struggle to meet the demands of their customers and as industries become globalized, ITWeb reported.

    Even still, the market for VoIP is in flux. Riann Pietersen, head of the enterprise division at a VoIP provider, told the news source that telecom companies must work to provide solutions that are not only cost-effective, but also provide sufficient improvements in business. If a VoIP solution allows agents and salespeople to give better customer care, it may provide larger financial benefits than the simple deployment of a less expensive phone solution.

    Pieterson believes that IT specialists should be deliberate in choosing VoIP solutions, deciding whether they want wireless, satellite or another solution for connectivity. He mentioned that some VoIP providers integrate mobile numbers with VoIP system phones, so that customer service representatives, sales associates and others are always reachable through one number.

    VoIP provider caters to factory owners

    VoIP has long been popular for enterprises that have multiple branches or traveling employees because it makes long distance calls inexpensive. Companies that have international locations often use video VoIP alongside traditional VoIP calling to enhance the experience of meetings.

    Those who live and work abroad use VoIP to discuss both personal and professional matters on the phone, avoiding high landline fees.

    A system provider recently released a VoIP system that caters specifically to factories, offering corporate discounts through discounted rates and inexpensive phones. The system offers VoIP services, equipment hosted PBX service as well as installation and maintenance.

    Because factories are often located in remote areas, the company focused on creating VoIP solutions that could withstand tough conditions. Many factory owners look for low prices, high quality and customized solutions in phone systems.

    "[Our company] now provides special discounts on bulk purchases of phone systems, VoIP solutions and special equipment that are optimized to save costs and improve performance for factories, as well as facilitate and accommodate substantial growth in the near-term," said Yaron Ram, a company principal.

    With companies working to optimize VoIP systems to complement certain industries and work environments, they are likely to see higher future growth rates.