VoIP systems prove their benefits

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems allow users to make and receive calls over the internet as opposed to through traditional land lines. As VoIP systems become more common in businesses around the world, their benefits are becoming obvious to executives and IT decision-makers.

    VoIP systems are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, offer call statistics, can be integrated with unified communications (UC) systems and also offer disaster recovery services. They allow users to connect with those in remote locations through enhanced calling features, mobile integration and inexpensive long-distance calling.


    Reasons to deploy VoIP systems

    According to Resource Nation, VoIP can help businesses beyond ease of deployment. The news source reported that call statistics is one of the top reasons that businesses should consider transitioning from traditional land lines to VoIP. These statistics are particularly helpful to organizations with vibrant sales and customer service departments, where calls are made and received often. A VoIP statistics platform can tell managers how many calls are being made and received, how long the calls last and other aspects of call activity.


    The news source reported that VoIP systems also offer mobile capabilities, which is particularly helpful for those who engage in work-related travel. With one phone number, a caller can reach an employee on a desk phone or on a mobile device. Clients and employees can be connected, no matter where they are.


    Customizable business VoIP

    According to SmartBusiness, VoIP offers efficiency benefits because of its customizable nature. It's important that IT decision-makers choose a VoIP provider that offers the latest technology, including customization capabilities.


    "If they are selling a standard, proprietary system that hasn't improved, they are using off-the-shelf technology and you won't be able to receive tweaks or necessary upgrades when you need them," said Alex Desberg, sales and marketing director at Ohio.net, according to SmartBusiness.


    The news source reported that the simple ability to change phone capabilities based on the time of day is helpful. When many calls are expected, it is helpful to be able to re-route calls to other available professionals.


    VoIP offers a range of advanced features, including the ability to integrate with CRM and ERP systems. Voice mail, call forwarding, away messages and other features are available as part of most VoIP systems.


    Cost savings may be the biggest benefit

    Despite these benefits, one of the most compelling reasons to turn to a VoIP system is cost savings. Resource Nation reported that many businesses have seen significant and dramatic cost savings after replacing existing phone solutions with VoIP systems.


    VoIP connects using the internet rather than through land lines. Significant infrastructure supports telephone lines, particularly when making long-distance calls. The internet doesn't discriminate based on distance, making the deployment of VoIP systems an inexpensive option.



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