VoIP systems yield call center benefits

    The call center is a critical part of a phone-dependent business, as it is the hub through which information flows into the company. Some executives may believe this means high phone infrastructure costs are unavoidable. According to a recent Smart Business report, this is not true. The source spoke with industry expert Alex Desberg about the ways voice over IP (VoIP) systems can cut business phone system investments and add functionality.

    Chances for savings

    Desberg told the source VoIP differs from traditional phone systems in ways that could save companies significant amounts of money. A firm employing several phone lines could find VoIP an elegant solution, as the IP-based systems are billed by the phone rather than the line. There is no limit to the number of "lines" available to VoIP users, meaning companies can operate a contact center with lower up-front costs than with traditional lines. Desberg noted that this makes IP calling ideal for medium-sized companies that may not have been able to make full call center investments using physical telephony models.

    When asked what types of companies can best use a VoIP-based contact center, Desberg suggested repair companies with a wide range of operations and centralized headquarters. He explained that companies with VoIP call centers can easily create new phone numbers in their clients' areas, all routed through a single remote relay. Desberg also predicted car dealerships will make good use of IP calling services, receiving a large volume of service calls in the morning and a drastically reduced volume the rest of the day. With VoIP, dealerships do not need to purchase a large number of lines that will be disused most of the time.

    As a simple summation of the technology, Desberg told Smart Business, "VoIP is another tool, similar to features such call transfer or conferencing. The technology is not hard to grasp."

    Communications connected

    According to TechTarget, IP telephony represents an excellent chance to integrate phone systems with the rest of an employee's contact options through a unified communications model. VoIP brings phone services naturally in line with the rest of an employee's internet-based contact options. The source stated that there are several protocols available to enable the connections between phones and systems such as instant messaging and email. Once these links have been established, employees can save time and effort.

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