Is VoIP Undergoing Growth Spurt?

    Solomon Ige wrote recently in a blog titled, Bad Economy will Spur Faster VoIP Growth says Expert, that 2009 will be a year of marked growth for the VoIP industry. Don Witt, President of cyLogistics, predicted the economic meltdown will spur faster VoIP growth during 2009. Is this wishful thinking, or does he have something here?

    The recession is driving an interesting phenomenon in the business world. Hosted VoIP sales are starting to explode. Companies like M5 Networks, the leader in hosted VoIP for business in the US had one of its biggest sales months in February. After more than 9 years in business they are experiencing double digit growth with no end in sight.

    Businesses these days are searching for ways to cut costs and a competitive edge. Hosted VoIP can deliver both.

    Business owners are realizing they have to focus on their company's core competencies to survive.  Any distractions such as IT headaches must go, and outsourcing is a viable solution that it becoming more and more popular for functions such as payroll, onsite data back up, desk top support and phone system management.

    Getting rid of a company phone system is a relatively new idea to most businesses and business owners. VoIP delivered through private connections with redundant circuits is reliable and gives access to features and functions that were previously only available to enterprises.

    Business owners understand that cost cutting will only get them so far and that innovation, especially in this economy, is essential. Smart SMB owners are obsessed with increasing sales and retaining customers.  Doing so on a smaller budget requires finding creative ways to increase the productivity of each employee and increase customer satisfaction in every way possible.

    Hosted VoIP is the answer to many of the most nagging business problems. Hosted VoIP for business answers the questions in the minds of so many business people, such as how do I measure marketing ROI? How does the Sales manager track sales team productivity? How many customers called me to complain this month? Etc.

    How long the recession will last is unknown, but what is certain is one of its major effects will be a shake up in the telecom industry, and a massive migration from the traditional PBX to the hosted VoIP model. It's the smartest business choice on every front, right now and going forward.
    Written by Anthony. L Butler