VoIP Will Be A Powerful Asset In 2015

    As 2014 draws to a close, there are countless companies still operating on purely legacy circuits. However, not all systems that are currently in place are effective on their own these days. Much of this has to do with the changing ways that people are communicating. Landline telephones are beginning to fall out of vogue as smartphones become the endpoint of choice for millions of people.

    This is a change that needs to be embraced in the business world. Switching to VoIP systems will allow professionals to be connected from remote locations. This means that things like working from home and traveling for work can be facilitated with greater ease than they have historically.

    "If streamlined communications is still eluding your team, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate your current deployment strategy," wrote TMCnet contributor Susan Campbell. "When mobility is part of the mix, mobile VoIP has to be included. If you're not leveraging both, you could be missing out on benefits your competitors already leverage."

    According to TMCnet contributor Alisen Downey, 2015 is expected to be a big year for VoIP adoption. This means that if a company has not yet considered updating it's capabilities, it should as soon as possible.