VoIP's technological advantage becoming clear

    Companies that invest in VoIP and hosted VoIP solutions for their call center and business phone services gain significant technological capabilities that may not be as easily accessible with legacy telephony systems, the Worcester Business Journal reported.

    According to the news source, VoIP uses data networks to transmit voice, making it easier for end users and customers to reach the person they are trying to contact without having to deal with complex voicemail menus and routing issues.

    VoIP also offers contact center personnel to more easily interact with the core phone system for incoming call management and other similar capabilities. This is possible, the report said, because many VoIP applications run on a standard internet browser, giving end users easy access to menus where they can adjust settings and address callers more effectively.

    Besides of these benefits, VoIP can also offer a significant operating cost reduction. This is especially the case when dealing with hosted VoIP services. According to a recent Business Solutions report, hosted VoIP reduces expenses by increasing phone solution portability and making it easier to carry unused minutes over to new months and locations.

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