WAN performance integral to cloud VoIP success

    Implementing cloud VoIP technologies offers businesses significant benefits. However, leveraging these gains is highly dependent on the business' WAN infrastructure, Redmondmag.com recently reported.

    Cloud-based voice over IP systems can offer organizations improved telephony performance, availabiliity and continuity. The problem is that many corporate WANs struggle to handle the bandwidth requirements associated with VoIP, cloud PBX and other hosted telephony systems, the news source explained. This should not derail a business' efforts to invest in cloud VoIP. Instead, organizations need to invest in robust networking systems in an effort to support their move to the cloud, the report said.

    According to the report, the WAN is at the center of these network upgrades. The key to investing properly in WAN infrastructure is to understand the purpose and capabilities of WAN technology. At its core, the internet itself is essentially a really big WAN. A WAN's core capability is to connect various LAN establishments to enable data and voice transit between branch offices. When working with hosted VoIP solutions and other cloud-based telephony programs, the WAN is integral to delivering data and voice traffic between the host data center, the caller and the recipient of the communication.

    Because the WAN is so essential to cloud VoIP success, businesses need to focus on optimization and governance to maximize and control the amount of bandwidth they can transmit over their WAN without quality degradation, the report explained. The report pointed out that turning to cloud VoIP depends on the WAN, but does not necessarily create WAN problems. Instead, business trends toward video streaming, application delivery and other data-rich services are overwhelming WAN infrastructure, making upgrades essential. VoIP is among these emerging technologies that are using cloud computing to revolutionize business phone services and other operations.

    Implementing new technology to improve WAN infrastructure can help businesses gain the considerable benefits associated with cloud VoIP technologies. Companies investing in hosted VoIP systems can expect to experience more flexible and available telephony resources. For example, an organization that is hit by a natural disaster can contact the VoIP provider and have calls rerouted while the main headquarters are out of service. This allows them to maintain business operations despite the disaster conditions impacting main offices. Furthermore, cloud VoIP is typically more cost-effective than traditional telephony infrastructure.

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