We are proud to announce a partnership with InsightSquared

    We are taking the opportunity of the 2012 Staffing Industry Executive Forum in Las Vegas, NV to announce our partnership with InsightSquared, provider of business intelligence softwarefor small and medium-sized businesses.  By combining data from the business phone system with data from front and back office systems enables staffing firms to run their business by the numbers.

    As Fred Shilmover, CEO and co-founder at InsightSquared explains, "Like most small and medium-sized businesses, staffing and recruiting firms generate large amounts of data from their business applications, such as their phone system and applicant tracking system.  Decision makers at these firms need an easy way to not only manage all of this data, but to also analyze this data efficiently in order to make better business decisions. Our ground-breaking business intelligence product, which we have tailored specifically for the staffing and recruiting industry, aggregates all of this data and makes it easier to quickly identify the actionable items that will move the needle.”

    The combined solution will help customers:

    • Manage data from the business phone system and other applications, such as the applicant tracking system, in one easy to use interface
    • Visualize trends in voice and data to understand the “why” of spikes and valleys in activity
    • Save time, effort and money by eliminating the need to manually generate reports or hire data analysts
    • Identify actions that will positively impact efficiency and revenue

    As you know, M5 is committed to helping companies bridge the gap between the telephone and critical business applications like the ATS.  Our partnership with InsightSquared is part of our vision to improve a system’s data and analytics, while at the same time satisfying our clients’ need for speed and ease of use.

    Long time M5 customer Lisa Iannone, Vice President and Senior Partner at Hobson Associates told us, “At Hobson Associates, we have valued the technologies that both InsightSquared and M5 have been providing to us standalone, so we are extremely excited about this partnership. Hobson is a metrics-driven company, and as a result of this integration, we will now have a comprehensive analytics solution that allows us to more effectively and efficiently manage our business and drive revenue."

    Harmonious integration of the telephone and applicant tracking system isn’t just a “nice-to-have” for staffing companies that want to increase placements and improve support performance, it’s a non-negotiable requirement.

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