We know Microsoft doesn’t service their clients. The question is, will Google?

    Written by Brian Klansky

    We all know that Microsoft is in trouble. Selling software as the market leader is easy. It doesn’t really matter if it works, you make people get upgrades or else. Microsoft might be in for the lesson all software providers are about to learn and the hard way. If you don’t have service oriented architecture to handle the current and future needs of your clients, they may not be your clients for very long. 

    Google announced recently that they are finally going to make an operating system that talks to the cloud. Some people call the Internet the cloud, but no matter what you call it, it’s where all the applications people want are. They don’t want it on the desktop because it always crashes. They really don’t want it in the server room, as there are enough boxes in there blinking as it is.

    For businesses, all applications have to talk to each other.If they don’t, you lose most of the benefits of hosted architecture and you cannot get meaningful metrics if each application operates in its own silo.

    Well, talking often involves the phone. The phone is the red headed step child of the internet age as technology evolves and we text, tweet and update our Facebook statuses. But if your phone system doesn’t talk to your CRM, like salesforce.com, are you actually managing customer relationships? Phones are now software and M5 makes our cloud talk to their cloud. And we make it easy. 

    Microsoft better figure this out, and quick.The telegraph was monopolized at one point, too.


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