We're Going to Agree to Disagree

    Written by Ashley McNeff
    Andy Abramson wrote a blog on VoIPWatch titled," Wake Up And Smell The Coffee," that many VoIP companies claim to be able to provide corporate clients with substantial savings but fail to engender the true cost of their service, which includes an investment in a private T1 line.  He implies that the consultative pitch often used by hosted VoIP companies is misleading because the service won't necessarily save them money.  This simply is not the case.

    Hosted VoIP companies target clients that have ten or more users most often, because that's roughly where the savings begin, and that's including the T1 line.  The reason for this is because at this size the companies in question would most likely require a T1 line for their internet service, and they can converge voice and date on one T1 a with hosted VoIP for business solution.

    Also, with other costs knocked out, such as advanced mobile working capabilities at no additional cost, companies with mobile workforces come out on top.  Another bonus, call conferencing for up to 6 lines comes with basic service.  The basic service is also managed by VoIP companies such as M5 Networks, Talkswitch and Packet8, which means staff isn't required to manage the phone system.

    Just to hammer this point home, there is also the unbelievably important factor right now, that hosted VoIP for business from M5 is a set monthly price based on number of phones in use.  Unlimited talk time at no additional cost.  Now really, you can't beat that.

    I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree.

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