West Australian Local Government Consolidates Disparate Systems With ShoreTel

    "We now have a communications environment that is the platform for the council to meet its goals to provide great customer experience and service response.”

    - Paul Moll, Manager Information Services, City of Subiaco

    City of Subiaco is the local government authority responsible for a region with a residential population of almost 20,000 and approximately 1,400 businesses in inner western metropolitan Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Subiaco covers an area of approximately seven square kilometers. The city’s seven main
sites include a head office, operations center, library, community center and disaster recovery center.

    The City of Subiaco was dealing with a difficult-to-manage, costly, unscalable and inflexible telephony
environment, which was also limiting its core strategy to be innovative, responsive and maintain
a strong customer focus.

    “The provider of our hosted PABX was transitioning off the product, and most of our other PABXs were about 30 years old,” noted Moll. “If we needed changes made to our on-premise systems, we had to call out contractors, and on our hosted environment we had to contact our provider – in both situations it usually led to significant delays.”

    The city deployed ShoreTel solutions including: ShoreTel IP telephones and ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center.

    The benefits include:

    • Single management console and single platform brought administration of the system in-house, reducing costs and
increasing responsiveness.
    • Solution allowed City of Subiaco to decommission most of its leased PSTN lines and leverage
its wide area network for internal calls, substantially reducing telecommunications costs.
    • Workgroups, call routing and escalation rules established, ensuring that 99% of calls to
advertised numbers are answered, and that all after-hours voicemails are followed up upon per City of Subiaco service guidelines.


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