Westside Regional Center Kicks out Mitel for ShoreTel Simplicity

    Westside Regional Center of Culver City, Calif., has one mission: to help persons with developmental disabilities derive the most enrichment and fulfillment in their lives.

    Since 1982, the center has been working to accomplish this undertaking through assessments, ongoing case management and support of its clients and their families. Reliable communication is critical to the success of each agency and of the organization as a whole. Communications across this busy social service and welfare organization are critical to providing vital services to California’s disabled population. After installing a new phone solution from a ShoreTel competitor, Westside experienced a myriad of issues with functionality, complexity, and contractual support.Westside ousted its new phone system in favor of a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) solution that dramatically simplified operations and improved efficiency with a short learning curve and rich feature set. The solutions they purchased include ShoreTel IP phones, ShoreTel switches, ShoreTel Communicator with Personal Access, and ShoreTel Communicator with Operator Access.

    Benefits include:

    • Streamlined communications to enable responsiveness and flexibility across all modes of office and remote interaction.
    • Unified desktop productivity features and choices for how best to interface with each other and with clients.
    • Easy-to-understand-and-use tools.


    “We went from our legacy system to a 45-day nightmare that was anything but a solution. Then we woke up to ShoreTel and BTS, fantastic communications partner. I’ve recommended it several times since!”

    - Sharon Smyth, Director of Information Technology and Facilities, Westside Regional Center



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