What’s All the Fuss Around Brand Anyway?

    A brand is the first and on-going impression for a business. It is the front-line in how your customers, partners, employees, investors and other stakeholders identify your company. And it is the single-most meaningful representation of your company and what you collectively stand for. It shapes how others perceive your business.

    Smart companies align their brand to communicate an accurate company message. Some work to appear authoritative or assertive, while others take a more customer-friendly approach. Some try to impart their creativity, while others stress their long history. You even see brands that appear exclusive.

    The challenge arises when a brand inspires the wrong perception of a company. We see this often when a company faces a negative perception. Andersen Consulting changed its brand to Accenture, for example. And Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC to remove 'Fried' from its name and the appearance of serving unhealthy food. These are reactive brand changes aimed at improving company image.

    Other companies proactively change their brand to align with positive new developments. Companies that grow, expand market share, and sharpen their brand promise, for example. Mitel fits into this category.

    Our original brand was strong and served us well for 41 successful years. But it was a heritage brand that stressed our past. Over the past 18 months, Mitel has transformed itself from a traditional telephony hardware company into a global business communications leader that powers more than 2 billion connections a day. Plus 33 million cloud communications daily and counting. In fact, we are the fastest growing cloud communications provider in the world and have #1 market share across all of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Industry analysts firms are validating our leadership too. In short, our transformation required a new brand that accurately expressed the excitement and momentum behind Mitel today.

    The new brand has a fresh, contemporary feel that we believe is more approachable for customers, partners and employees. And it signifies that Mitel is a software company that provides business communications solutions. Most importantly, it tells our brand promise to power connections – business connections that help our customers and partner succeed. The very reason we are in business.

    We believe the new brand will help reset industry perception of Mitel from legacy PBX company to the global business communications leader that we have become. Initial feedback from customers, partners and employees has been overwhelmingly positive. The enthusiasm the New Mitel is generating is off the charts. And that is the most powerful proof point on the importance of brand I have seen to date.