What is BYOE? Attend our Webinar on January 20

    Bring Your Own Experience (BYOE) is the latest trend impacting Unified Communications (UC) and speaks to the need for UC to be more user-centric. UC has evolved to the point where the focus is more around the needs of the end users than the network, and reflects the impact of powerful trends from the consumer world that are now filtering into the workplace. More than ever before, employees have control over the devices they use to communicate and this is changing the way they work.

    ShoreTel’s new whitepaper, written by analyst practice J Arnold & Associates, explains BYOE, how it delivers greater business value to UC and provides guidance on how to choose UC vendors with a solid BYOE focus.

    Plus, Jon Arnold will discuss BYOE during a webinar next Tuesday, Jan. 20th at 9 a.m. PT. Joining Jon will be Robert Ingrum from ShoreTel partner LANAIR Group, and together they will make the webinar an informative session designed to help your business and employees get the most from UC.

    Register for the webinar here.

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