What Can ShoreTel Professional Services Do For You?

    Do you know what ShoreTel Professional Services can do for you? We play several roles within ShoreTel:

    • Builds and support various Software Development Kits (SDK) for customers and third parties, which they can use to build their own software solutions that integrate with the ShoreTel phone system.
    • Builds custom software solutions that work with the ShoreTel phone system based on specific customer needs.
    • Builds packaged software applications that work with the ShoreTel phone system.

    There is significant synergy and feedback between these three roles.

    Specifically, most of the custom and packaged solutions we develop use our SDKs. We will often build a custom solution for a specific customer but then determine that the solution has generic value that other customers would benefit from the application so we invest to enhance and generalize the custom solution as a packaged application and make it available to other customers.

    Because we “eat what we grow” by building solutions using our SDKs we are often the first users of the SDKs to find issues so even customers developing their own solutions benefit from our other roles.

    Previously the SDK program required a yearly membership fee. The SDKs are now being provided free to customers as part of the recently announced ShoreTel Innovation Network. Companies can register as Foundation members in the ShoreTel Innovation Network, or email us.

    If you’re considering a custom solution from ShoreTel Professional Services, drop us a line at professionalservices@shoretel.com.

    Please let us know the high level what you hope to achieve. We will then work with the partner and customer to flesh out the requirements and provide an initial quote. If the price is in line with your expectations, we’ll proceed to develop a formal statement of work (SOW) along with final pricing. If the customer is in agreement and the price provided by the partner is acceptable then we schedule development and after unit testing and verification of the solution we provide it to the customer and verify that it performs as designed, possibly resolving any bugs or issues found at the time of the initial deployment.

    Before contacting us to build a possible custom solution, first check to see if we have already developed a packaged solution that addresses your requirements. Professional Services has developed a significant number of solutions, both desktop and server based. These include applications like:

    • WebDialer and AppDialer for helping to automate calling from Web pages and applications.
    • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NetSuite clients to facilitate screen pop and other activities tied to calls made and received by users.
    • Server based Outbound Campaign Interactive Voice Response, Call Recorder, Workgroup Real-time Reporting and others.
    • Server based Call router applications that can automatically route calls based on ANI or DNIS or via prompting for an account number and using that to determine the appropriate extension that should handle the call.
    • ShoreTel Contact Center enhancements such as the Agent Dashboard, Interaction Viewer, and Workforce Management integrations.