Would you love your ShoreTel UC system more if there were just a couple changes made to it?

If so, check out the new ShoreTel Suggestions portal. Simply create an account and you’ll be able to send your product suggestions directly to ShoreTel. (We’re listening with open ears.)

If you love your system just the way it is, that’s great! Tell your family, friends and boss all about your wonderful ShoreTel UC product! Once they embrace the brilliant simplicity, they can create an account if they come up with any suggestions.

We have officially opened up a new portal to communicate with our partners and customers. As mentioned above, this new portal is called ShoreTel Suggestions. The intent is to create a forum for partners and existing customers to voice any product improvement suggestions they may have.

This new portal is for enhancements only, e.g. “it would be cool if ShoreTel supported a G.729a codec.” (We, of course, already support that codec but it’s an illustration of what the portal is intended for.)

Once Product Management receives a request, we can comment back to the submitter and any idea “watchers.” In addition, others can comment, vote and watch any of the ideas that are submitted to the portal.

For additional questions about the site, please contact suggestions@shoretel.com.

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