What, Me Worry? Avoid the Alfred E. Neuman Approach To Your Business Phone System

    Whether or not you’re a fan of Mad magazine, chances are you know the mantra of its mascot, Alfred E. Neuman. While ‘What, me worry?” has gotten its share of laughs through the years, you don’t want to follow Al’s laid back approach when it comes to your communications system. It just might result in getting you laughed right out of business.

    If you’re not worried about your phone system, that’s a good thing, right? True, but it’s easy to get complacent when the phones are working. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? These days, that kind of thinking will cost you more than your reputation. It also will greatly limit your ability to take advantage of the newest technologies designed to help you better compete in the modern world.

    Thanks to rapid advancements over the past decade, the way we work has changed dramatically. We live in a world where information is available anytime, anywhere and from a variety of devices. In addition to redefining how we do our jobs, today’s information-driven society has also reshaped customer expectations.

    If your phone system hasn’t kept pace, it could drive you MAD!

    For all those reasons and more, it’s time to give your phone system a second look. With today’s unified communications (UC) technologies, you can go beyond telephony and seamlessly integrate applications used by your workers every day, no matter their device or location. UC solutions can improve collaboration, productivity and overall business performance, so choosing the deployment model that will best meet your needs is key.

    If you’re struggling with which option to choose – onsite, cloud or hybrid – take our Best Fit assessment. Learn which deployment option might be your best fit when it comes to a new phone system. Completion of the assessment will automatically qualify you for a drawing to win an Amazon Echo valued at $180.

    Step outside your comfort zone and explore the possibilities. After all, no one ever got fired for bringing in a better solution. Take the Best Fit Assessment now.


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