What the Personalization of Work Means, or the BYOx Factor, Part III


    With the explosion in use of mobile devices, uniform office standards began to erode. It’s now hard to imagine arriving at work with a lunch box, hanging up your jacket, and sitting down at a desk for eight hours, five days a week.

    Now employees can work on the road, work at home, or work in their office in whatever combination is most productive. And productivity increases as workers now collaborate more closely.

    As the popularity of BYOD programs increases, ShoreTel’s mobile UC solution assures employees remain productive while working on their personal devices, whether iPhones, iPads or Android devices. With ShoreTel Mobility, the ShoreTel Dock can be deployed anywhere.

    And as the BYOD trend gained traction, employees evolved their social norms as well. Workers brought accessories to the office that enhanced their well-being.

    If a worker could bring a coffee maker to drink fresher coffee and a space heater warm up, why not add an exercise ball if it helped them and a food preparer and maybe a candy dispenser if they wanted.

    The demands of modern life are accelerating, and being able to seamlessly switch between home office and the road is imperative. So follow us in this series as we trace the personalization of work and with it the BYOx factor.

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