What the Personalization of Work Means, or the BYOx Factor, Part IV


    As the BYOD movement enabled workers to use the device of their choosing, the traditional role of the office began to change.

    Employees experienced the freedom with these devices to collaborate and be more productive with than ever, using new products and solutions such as the ShoreTel Dock, and ShoreTel Mobility, with an Apple iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

    Enterprises are recognizing this shift to the extent that by 2016, 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers, according to a Gartner survey.

    Along with this shift, the personalization of work took hold as employees easily moved between home and the office.

    This new-found freedom carried over to the office as the distinction between home and work began to blur. While work could be balanced in different locations, so could the comforts of home. So, it’s not a stretch to babysit your dog at work if necessary, right?

    Stay tuned as this series outlines more of the changes brought about by what we call BYOx factor.

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