What the Personalization of Work Means, or the BYOx Factor, Part V


    Sometimes, when massive change takes place, we often look back and say, “How did we ever do it the old way?”

    Before BYOD became accepted in the workplace, we arrived at work, sat at our desk, and accessed the limited, siloed uses of our telephone and computer. Our offices were uniform and colorless.

    But that has all changed. Employees now commonly use their iPhones and iPads at work with solutions such as the ShoreTel Dock, which with ShoreTel Mobility , turns the devices into business desk phones and enterprise collaboration tools.

    Our mobility is taken for granted as we juggle meetings, assignments, kids’ activities and our various obligations.

    In this series, we’ve traced the evolution of our work environment from a static, one-dimensional office to a multi-dimensional, mobile workplace.

    BYOD and supporting technologies allow us to be even more productive and collaborative as the boundaries between our office and our home office blur. Now, the child sitting at our feet could as easily be at home or at work.