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When discussing the rise of the cloud and the migration of business processes to cloud services, it’s all too easy to concentrate on the technical implications and only think briefly about the significance they may have on a workplace and its employees.

But the reality is that a business world where the use of cloud-based services is the norm will be significantly different to that of today - and that means the impact of the cloud on the workforce needs to be carefully considered.

With the tools to work effectively from anywhere, the workplace will take on a new meaning for a mobile workforce. They won’t be away from the workplace if they are working at home, on the move or in another country. Instead the workplace will simply be wherever they choose to work.

Additionally, when all workers are ‘mobile’ across multiple workplaces, we need to start viewing a company less as a “cloud-based business” and more as a “cloud-based workforce”.

Graham Bevington, our Executive Vice President for International Markets, has been considering all of these implications and has shared his thoughts in this blog post for TechRadar Pro. You can read the full piece here, The human cloud and its impact on how and where we work.

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