What's Your Phone Personality?

    For Millennials, people born between 1981 and 2000, answering the phone and having an actual person-to-person work conversation may seem a bit antiquated. People in this group grew up in an age of the Internet, email, instant messaging, texting and a plethora of social media tools. Sure we have more modern phones, but according to one study Americans on average are using fewer voice minutes, while data plan usage continues to grow. So what’s the problem?  According to this Wall Street Journal article using the phone to make a phone call (what a crazy idea) may actually help people be more successful at work. This is especially true for sales professionals across the board.

    “People buy form people they like and trust. It’s hard to build that kind of bond over email,” said Austin Fit Magazine COO Alex Earle when discussing advertising sales.

    Thankfully for us email and text lovers modern business phone systems are coming to the rescue by unifying those communications. For example if you miss a voicemail you can get the transcribed version sent to your email. Yessss!

    Apparently making phone calls, and phone etiquette has been so long lost there are now phone-use consultants. Yep, thephonelady.com promises to teach the skills needed to be effective communicators on the phone.

    That’s when this phone call talk got us thinking about what kind of phone personalities are out there? So we’ve come up with this quiz to help you figure out where you stand on the phone call spectrum.  Nothing scientific, just a little bit of fun based on what we've observed working with companies.  Once we get some responses, we'll aggregate the results and see if there is a correlation between phone personality and age.  (We're guessing there is, but who knows?)

    Just answer the questions and and your results will be displayed.

    Give it a try! You may be surprised by what you find and maybe even phone a friend about it.

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    Old School (Score of 9 – 15)

    You believe that the phone is a tool for communication and not a toy.  While the technology has changed, you believe that etiquette hasn’t and expect people to follow the rules.

    Cautious (Score of 16 – 25)

    You aren’t intimidated by technology, but like to accept new ways of communication slowly and after they’ve been around for a while.  You are not someone who believes in all or nothing.

    Laissez Faire (Score of 26 – 31)

    You like to try out new tools and new ways of communicating, but you don’t jump on every technology bandwagon.  You also aren’t very worried about how others use technology around you.

    Avant-garde (Score of 32+)

    Your friends consider you progressive and forward-thinking.  New gadgets are as good as – no better than – toys.  You believe that people should embrace progress or get out of the way.

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