Why City of San Luis Obispo Chose ShoreTel over Mitel

    The City of San Luis Obispo is among California's oldest and most influential communities, known for its educational and cultural opportunities in California’s Central Coast hub. Their challenge was that city management was becoming increasingly frustrated with their 10-year old Centrex/ISDN system. The system was complex to manage and use, required equipment that was difficult to repair or replace, and often dropped calls while transferring them. All in all, the system was reaching its end of life and not supporting latest initiatives for improving customer service, streamlining internal communications, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

    San Luis Obispo evaluated systems from a long list of both traditional and Voice over IP PBX suppliers, and reduced the list to ShoreTel and Mitel. After talking with several customer references and attending a demonstration, Mr. Schmidt recommended ShoreTel to city management, and the decision was finalized. “It was easy to see that the ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) system was simple to support and had a low cost of ownership,” he added. “The system met all our requirements and the price was very competitive. The bottom line was that ShoreTel offered the most value for the money.”

    Even in the best economic times, municipal budgets are always under a microscope. So it was welcome news to Mr. Schmidt and his team that San Luis Obispo’s ShoreTel system delivered even better return on investment than expected. “When we first proposed the ShoreTel system, we projected about a four-year ROI,” reported Schmidt. “However, we’re saving so much on our phone bill, the ROI is even better than we anticipated—current figures indicate about three years.”

    “ShoreTel’s reliability and flexibility means that communication just happens when, where, and how it needs to. Thanks to ShoreTel, every part of city government can focus on serving the public and take the phone system for granted,” sums up Schmidt.

    To read the White Paper, "Comparison of Mitel and ShoreTel Unified Communications Systems," click here.

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